22 July 2024

Sad News;Arsenal have been trying to hide £45m player’s injury ahead of Man United game.

Journalist Charles Watts has shared an injury update on Thomas Partey ahead of Arsenal’s game against Manchester United today.


Speaking on his YouTube channel Watts said that Partey was injured in training towards the end of this week.

He confirmed that Arsenal had been doing their best to hide the information from Manchester United.


Watts said: “Thomas Partey got injured basically in training.


“Arsenal have been doing their best to keep it under wraps, even a brilliant decision to put the pictures up on the website saying it was yesterday’s training and you could see Thomas Partey in the background.


“Obviously it was a ruse to try and throw Manchester United off the scent.


“It was tough to nail down exactly what had happened but it was clear that overnight on Friday into Saturday that Thomas Partey had suffered some sort of injury.”

Watts later confirmed that Partey will be missing for today’s game.


And whilst this will be unwelcome news for Arsenal fans, it does already prove the importance of Declan Rice.


Watts said Arsenal had been trying to hide the Partey injury

Partey has often been injured for key Arsenal games in recent seasons and it was always a huge blow.


And of course the team is worse off without him today but Arsenal do finally now have an adequate replacement.Fans will surely expect Rice to sit at the base of midfield today in a more traditional 4-3-3 from the off.

Partey’s absence shouldn’t be as disruptive as it has been in the past.


And although it seemed that Arsenal didn’t want Manchester United to be privy to his information, they should have a strong contingency plan.


Despite knowing the injury news, it would seem journalists like Watts were happy to withhold the news in respect of Arsenal’s position.


However, with the news already very public, Manchester United may now be planning a side to exploit the gap left by £45m Partey.



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