15 July 2024

Bring Your Flags To Boundary Park! - News - Oldham Athletic

It is one, though, that on this occasion raised eyebrows and got the rumour mill into overdrive with regards to the manager’s hasty departure and demeanour.

Fans speculated whether there had been a bust-up with the board or the players, or both.

Absolutely not, says Unsworth, who felt compelled to set the record straight through The Oldham Times.

“It’s good for John to do the press because it’s a different voice and a different person, it just happens that the two times we’ve pre-planned him doing the press we’ve lost both games,” explained the Latics boss.

“It’s one of those things, it’s not me being moody, it had already been decided before the game that John was going to do the press because it just keeps it fresh.

“There’s absolutely nothing in it whatsoever. Both times they were pre-planned, both times unfortunately we’ve lost.

“For people calling me certain names, I can assure anyone I’m not one of those ‘houses’. I am a man with great pride and if people want to know the truth and believe the truth, we pre-planned it both times. Nobody is ducking anything.

“Apparently I fell out with Frank (Rothwell) as well over a player but I can assure you I haven’t. We have an amazing relationship.

“It was myself who pulled the plug on a certain player that we made an incredible offer for that was getting ridiculously greedy. I won’t name the player but Darren (Royle) and myself pulled the plug on it because I want players committed to the football club.

“So that’s another mis-truth. People have got to stop making these stories up because it’s not helping anybody. It isn’t good for the players, it’s not good for the club and it’s just not right.

“There are lot of things that aren’t right and let’s talk about them, no problem, and the things that we’re dealing with day in day out to get us over the line at the end of the season. Absolutely let’s talk about them, but don’t make stuff up.

“I wasn’t happy on Saturday but I’d addressed the players, I’d spoken to the players and I left the ground. I even stopped to have a picture with a young lad, and I smiled.”

But there was otherwise little to smile about.

Josef Yarney did well on his full debut, at right back, but otherwise the green shoots of recovery were drowned out by the weather and an abject display.

Gateshead adapted better to the conditions and took the lead with Kamil Conteh’s shot across Magnus Norman in the 13th minute. Peter Clarke equalised with his second in as many games, but after the tie seemed destined to be settled by another penalty shoot-out, Clarke was sent off for disputing the opposition’s second goal – an own goal for Mark Kitching – and Gateshead utilised their extra man with Greg Olley sealing the win in the last minute.

It feels like one step forward and two – at least – back. Again. But Latics are unbeaten in the league in 2023, and must look to keep that up against Southend this weekend.

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