22 July 2024

Despite the fact that Saints have given up a league-high 16 goals in just six games, the manager has little interest in using pragmatism to reverse the trend.

Martin is looking for complete trust within the organization after his Swansea City team finished 10th last season despite giving up the fifth-most goals in the division.

Three working days have passed since Saints’ loss to Leicester City, leaving little time for significant adjustments.

However, asked exactly what he does now when speaking to the Daily Echo, Martin responded: “We’re six games in.

“It’s been too many goals and I can’t get away from that, but I don’t care about the record after six games if it’s good after 46.

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“It’s been frustrating and hurtful to concede that many. There are a few messages that we haven’t done well enough. Although it’s not a hugely obvious pattern, there are a few bits.

“We need to get behind the ball quicker in certain moments. When we’re on the front foot and the team is together, pressing, it’s been good.

“It’s when the ball gets beyond, we need to get together and more compact quicker, and then wait for the moment to go and steal the ball back,” he added.

“It’s in transition – we don’t have much chaos in our game but in those moments we do, we don’t defend it well enough.

“We also haven’t taken advantage of the chaos enough either. Against Leicester the other night, we didn’t punish them in the way they punished us.

“It’s in those moments. That’s about mentality, getting together. It’s also consistency in the team and they will all be better for it eventually.

“That’s why I’m not worried. We just need to find a rhythm with that and the lads need to really feel it on the pitch, a mentality to fight for each other, to defend, block and get up to people.”

They have also trained on grass since. Despite the short turnover between fixtures – which is set to continue with a trip to Middlesbrough coming up – he is happy with the work done.

Martin explained: “They’ve recovered well. There have been a couple of bits of information for tomorrow and some tweaks to make.”

“Some of those bits are really important. We’ve done individual stuff with some of the players and unit stuff with others.

“You just do everything you can in the time allotted, that they can physically get away with. We have to make sure we go and perform.

“We’re really happy with the work we’ve done and we’ll reinforce some messages tomorrow but it’s now over to the guys.

“I’m convinced the work we have done will result in us being really positive and really brave, and hopefully see us put in a good performance.”

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