20 July 2024


Speaking to Hull Live (19 September), the Tiger’s boss confessed his reluctance to speak out on such issues again after he hit back at Farke’s frustrations regarding Leeds’ lack of preparation time.

Before the Whites’ 3-0 victory over Millwall on Sunday (17 September), Farke expressed his frustrations that Hull had two extra days to prepare ahead of their fixture on Wednesday (20 September).

Rosenior said: “This is the Championship, it’s going to happen. That’s why you need a squad. I look at Leeds’ bench, they can change five, six or seven players and not weaken the team. I don’t see it as an issue. Also, when you win 3-0 away from home there’s a lot of energy in your legs the next day psychologically.


“It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. The fact is we’ve had two extra days but that’s going to happen up and down the country wherever you play at any point.

Hopefully, in the future, I won’t be bringing that up because it’s about how you respond. You never have things perfect in the Championship if you want to be successful, it has no bearing on the game on Wednesday night.”



Rosenior is correct that sometimes teams can find themselves with slight advantages ahead of a clash that was out of their control.


Leeds faced a Sunday kickoff time at The Den just three days before they take the trip to Hull. With the larger fixture schedule compared to the Premier League and dependant on Cup competition success, fixtures can often change, meaning more often than not one side has a little longer to prepare.

Rosenior moots Farke’s frustration and points to their very strong starting line-up and bench, suggesting they are more adequate to make up for lost preparation time than his side.

Against a Leeds flying brimming with confidence after their convincing display in South London, Hull will count on every edge they get to keep themselves in the playoff spots after a good start to the campaign.


Leeds are blessed with Premier League experienced talent. While those who played last season were criticised for their poor display ahead of relegation, the drop-down to the second division offers a platform to improve their form.


As his men march out at the MKM Stadium, Farke will be confident that his men can get the job done against Rosenior’s men but will hope the perceived advantage won’t emerge

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