20 July 2024

Just now:Losing their heads’ – Antonio and Wilson weigh in on Liverpool VAR drama.

Liverpool saw a Luis Diaz goal wrongly ruled out during Saturday’s game with Tottenham Hotspurs

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Michail Antonio and Callum Wilson have expressed their sympathy for Liverpool after Saturday’s controversial incident involving Luis Diaz.


The Reds of course saw a goal scored by the Colombian winger wrongly ruled out by VAR after a breakdown in communication among the match officials, with Jurgen Klopp’s side later going on to lose the game 2-1.


This decision could prove to be costly come the end of the season as Liverpool look to challenge Arsenal and Manchester City for the Premier League title and has resulted in Klopp calling for a replay of the weekend’s game as a solution to the situation.


“VAR should be binned,” Antonio told the Footballer’s Football Podcast “VAR was brought in because of the debates that were going on after every single game. Too many human errors were happening. Now we’ve got technology and there’s still human errors. It’s got to the stage where you need to have started accepting that human errors are part of football and it made football better. People are losing their heads over it, but referees are human.”


Offering his view on the matter, Wilson added: “It was a disappointing one because it stands out. How many other little fine margins have gone by over time that have slipped through the net and no-one has noticed because they want to keep the integrity of the game? I, personally, don’t really like it anyway and I’ve said that from the start. It’s one of those things, are they going to change it? Probably not. It’s one error in however many games. For me, it’s a hold your hands up, say sorry, someone is obviously going to get a slap on the wrist and then we just carry on as normal next week. It will be forgotten about and there will be something else to talk about.”


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