20 July 2024

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Everton: 777 Partners yet to receive £300m legal threat
Prospective Everton buyers 777 Partners are yet to receive a £300million legal threat from a trio of clubs, according to the Liverpool Echo.

The outlet reported (3 October) that, contrary to other reports, no correspondence has been given to the potential new owners, while any financial penalties handed to the club would be Farhad Moshiri’s responsibility.

The Daily Mail reported (3 October) that Leeds United, Leicester City and Burnley had written to 777 stating their intention to sue the club for £300million if the Toffees were found guilty of breaking Premier League spending rules, as a timely points deduction would have saved the sides from relegation.

While the correspondence is yet to be received, the trio of clubs’ intentions are clear. Everton are yet to be found guilty, but if they are, the anger from these sides would be understandable.

Giving yet another reason to dislike Moshiri’s running of the club, this case is just one of many financial nightmares at Goodison Park at the moment.
However, the Echo makes it clear that 777 “would likely” not have to deal with such a charge themselves as Moshiri would have to face any cost, meaning the Miami-based group would not be fearful of getting sued.

Everton will face an independent commission on 25 October which will determine what punishment the club will receive if they are found guilty of violating the League’s profit and sustainability rules. The Toffees have denied the charges, but fans will be hopeful of a favourable verdict.

Leeds, Leicester and Burnley will also be eager to hear the result. Each club is suing for £100million due to the loss of their Premier League revenue, and such a high fine at Everton’s door would be significantly detrimental.

While 777 may not be worried, there remains plenty to think about at Goodison Park.

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