18 July 2024

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AC Milan: The Official History, Its Rivals, Facts And Stats

The Milan Football and Cricket Club was founded by Erbert Kilpin on 16 December 1899. The futbol club, AC Milan would become one of the most prestigious in the world within a few decades.

picture of the ac milan football team in 1907

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AC Milan History

There is no doubt that AC Milan is one of the most famous and largest football clubs in the world. Few people know that the club’s founder was born in Nottingham.

As a butcher’s son in his late twenties, Herbert Kilpin emigrated to work in the Italian textile industry. To remember home, Kilpin and five friends formed a football team after heavy drinking in a Milanese tavern.

It was the birth of AC Milan. In addition to being the club’s star player, Kilpin was also its coach and captain. In fact, he designed the famous kit for the team. According to him, “We are devils. We wear red to enflame our opponents and black to intimidate them!”

1901 AC Milan Team

Winning First Trophy

A young squad named Penvhyn Neville, Formenti, Cignaghi, Torretta, Kurt Lies, Valerio, Edward Dobbie, David Alison, Guerriero Colombo, Catullo Gadda, Hans Suter, Ettore Negretti, Hoberlin Hoode, Samuel Davies, Luis Wagner, David Allison, and manager Herbert Kilpin led the team to their first Italian league title in 1901. It was a mixture of Italian, Brits, Welsh, French, and Swiss players.


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