17 July 2024

This situation has numerous layers. The Knicks hired Brunson’s father, Rick Brunson, as an assistant coach. Knicks president Leon Rose is a longtime family friend of the Brunsons. Rose’s son, Sam Rose, is Jalen Brunson’s agent. Knicks executives William Wesley (“World Wide Wes”) and Allan Houston and forward Julius Randle attended a Mavericks-Jazz playoff game in Dallas.

The NBA’s tampering enforcement seems arbitrary. But a common aspect of tampering cases: A team complains.


If the Mavericks are frustrated enough to file a complaint, the Knicks are more likely to get investigated.


Brunson could just deny the credible-sounding report that turned out to be accurate. He could claim he didn’t hear from the Knicks until free agency opened and didn’t make up his mind until after that – that Shams Charania of The Athletic had it wrong. If the Knicks tampered, all the familial ties between them and Brunson increase the likelihood there’s no paper trail. It would’ve been easy enough to convey plans in face-to-face conversations that could be denied


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