15 July 2024

Has Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel gone from a deep freeze in Kansas City to a hot seat in Miami? That question was posed by a viewer for Thursday’s #PFTPM, along with the question of G.M. Chris Grier is in danger, too.


These are fair questions to ask, because most coaches and General Managers are only one disastrous season away from being replaced. The tougher question is whether a season that is good but not great can spark change.

The reality for the Dolphins is the same that it is for every team, except the Packers. One person ultimately makes the big decisions. In Miami, that one person is Stephen Ross.

Ross turns 84 in May. As Je

Ross has gotten a couple of playoff appearances from McDaniel, but no playoff wins. During the time Ross has owned the team, the Dolphins have never won a playoff game.


Nothing prevents Ross from deciding to make a change, if 2024 ends with another failure to win in the postseason, or to get there. It’s his decision, just like it’s his decision to not give the fans what they want when it comes to the team’s uniforms.


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