15 July 2024

into the room wearing glasses and a white T-shirt. The Nebraska defensive lineman didn’t have the look of someone about to make a big announcement.

A few seconds later the 22-year-old took a question about his future and answered it in the casual, matter-of-fact way one might discuss the merits of exercise. Yeah, he’ll be sticking around for a sixth season. And he was comfortable enough to say so even before his fifth one had finished

A driving reason why is simple: He had too much fun and saw too many personal gains in 12 months under coach Matt Rhule to leave Lincoln now.


“It’s pretty sound up there,” Robinson said. “It definitely goes into it — being in that environment — to being able to stay for another year and knowing that there’s not going to be anything crazy going on. It’s all going to be planned out. It’s all going to be how it was, probably, this year.



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