17 July 2024

The Pittsburgh Pirates can’t hit. Some feel like it took too long to promote Paul Skenes. The Penguins fired an assistant coach. And the Steelers essentially admitted they shouldn’t have drafted a running back in the first round four years ago.

There is plenty of room for grumbling in Pittsburgh sports these days, and you have found your ways to grumble to me.

That’s what we are all about at “U mad, bro?”

You’re right. I should do that. I should write a column criticizing the Pirates offense. How come I haven’t done that yet? How could I have gone this deep into the season watching this wretched offense and never once written an artic… wait a minute.Yes, Bruce. If it gets to the point when something goes so wrong with one of the teams in town that you feel the need to pound out an email saying “You need to write about XZY,” odds are … I probably already have.


Now, in terms of those rolling heads, I addressed that, too. But I can just post a column. I’m pretty sure the guillotine has been outlawed.


Although with no playoff series wins since 1979, I can see why you might be rooting for it to make a comeback

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