15 July 2024

Despite a lifetime ban, Pete Rose is still revered in Cincinnati. Is he supposed to be revered there?


For a dozen years, a portrait of Pete Rose’s bat and ball from his record-breaking 4,192nd hit has adorned the back of the massive video board at Great American Ball Park, reminding everyone of one of the city’s greatest sporting moments.

It’s also a reminder of something else: despite the gambling scandal, a lifelong ban, and the fact that Pete hasn’t lived in Cincinnati in a long time, this is still his ho


Baseball’s hits king is still revered in his city, despite mounting evidence that he broke the sport’s cardinal taboo by betting on baseball. For a generation, he represented Reds baseball with grit and hustle.


Many Cincinnatians will still be able to cheer him on during the All-Star Game, though.


“When you play in your hometown and you’re a great player like Pete was, you’ve got to be loved,” said Hall of Famer Tony Perez, a 1970s Big Red Machine teammate. “People respect what I accomplished for the team and the wonderful years I had here, which is why they also love me. But it’s different. When you’re at home and doing well, they adore you even mo




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